Adoption and Spread

This domain helps you consider aspects that could influence adoption and spread of the use of project outputs both within the organisation or setting where implementation takes places and to other health and social care organisations. Also, what factors may lead to sustainability and the value of such sustainability.

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What should I consider for my project?

You will need to consider the factors and processes likely to influence adoption within and beyond the initial implementation site. This will include the project output itself, flexibility, fit and value and effectiveness to users both within and external to where implementation happens.

  • What factors and processes are likely to influence adoption within and beyond the initial implementation site?
  • What level of flexibility is available for adoption of the output in other organisational contexts?
  • how will the output provide value and benefit in different organisations?

Consider if there are overarching or national organisations that will support this such as the Academic Health Science Network (AHSN), Integrated Care Systems (ICS), Local Authority partnership or National Charity. Other elements to consider include organisational capacity and resources, who you will enlist as champions and what training and support are required.

  • Who else can/will support this?
  • What capacity has been identified in other organisations to support adoption and spread (e.g. champions, training)?

Case study

Spread the Learning Project (SLP)

“From the beginning we involved our charity partners as stakeholders and part of the co-production team because we were aware that they would have responsibility for implementing the intervention and therefore understood how it would work in practice. We also considered our skill sets and identified areas where we required additional support and reserved funds to pay for a web designer and negotiated some administrative support. We developed a core team of train the trainers to facilitate adoption and spread of the project and ensure consistency but with negotiated flexibility for partner organisations. We had not anticipated all the branding requirements involved which required consistency with our partner organisation. This involved negotiation and sign off from an executive level. Fortunately, because we had engaged with them from the initial stages, they provided a marketing representative to help us comply with their standards.”

Adoption and spread

Take away tips

  • Think about what systems and processes will be required to support adoption of your project
  • Consider how your project fits with other systems and how it will provide value and benefits in different systems
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